How Is Florida Delegation, Southeast U.S./Japan Association, Inc. Organized?

As stated in the articles of incorporation, Florida Delegation, Southeast U.S./Japan Association, Inc., operates primarily to promote trade, investment, tourism, educational and friendship ties between Florida and Japan and the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. It also acts in an advisory capacity to the Florida Governor, Legislature, and Enterprise Florida, and is responsible for organizing, planning and coordinating Florida’s official participation in the Association and the Annual Joint Meeting, and organizes/sponsors a variety of local events statewide in between the annual joint meeting.

The By-Laws provide that Florida Delegation be governed by a Board of Directors, elected every two years. All former chairpersons of the organization who remain active members also serve as members of the Board.

Membership in Florida Delegation, Southeast U.S./Japan Association, Inc. is available for any corporations, NPOS or individuals interested in the promotion of trade, investment, educational, tourism and friendship ties between Florida and Japan, and provides access to top-level government and private industry officials that normally might not be available to individuals and small-medium size businesses on their own. Top-level government officials, university presidents and presiding officers of other business organizations are selected from time to time as ex officio members by the Board of Directors.

An Annual Meeting of Members is held either in Japan or in one of the Southeastern states in conjunction with the yearly Joint Meeting of the Southeastern and Japanese associations. Florida Delegation, as the appointed Secretarial and current host state continues to play a very active role in the affairs of the Southeast U.S./Japan Association and its counterpart organization in Japan.


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